About Ignited Voice Marketing


Trish St. Michel started Ignited Voice Marketing after observing a real need for local small businesses to effectively articulate their great ideas and get the right message in front of the right audiences.  Ignited Voice Marketing supports clients in Carroll, Howard, and Frederick counties in Central Maryland and the Baltimore and Washington, DC, metro areas.

Trish is an award-winning communications strategist with decades of experience in marketing and public relations in corporate, association, and non-profit organizations.  From established Silicon Valley brands to home-office start-ups, she has experienced the communications tidal wave of change from curly fax paper and pink “While You Were Out” message pads in the early 1990s to the constant buzz of today’s digitally-demanding, always-on environment.  Putting her Journalism degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to work, she has been a freelance writer since 2012 and officially established Ignited Voice Marketing, LLC in 2018.  Trish lives outside of Mount Airy, Maryland, with her husband, their two daughters, and two dogs.  She has been involved in numerous parent groups, knows more about Girl Scout cookies than anyone really should, and chairs the local elementary school’s annual art fundraiser and the staff appreciation committee for the PTO.